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'The Next Person You Meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom

When you've really enjoyed a book and then, years later, hear there's a new sequel, you are torn between anxiety that the new one won't live up to the expectation raised by the first and excitement that it might! And this was exactly my reaction when I heard about this book, so it is with some relief that I can report it's in the latter category.
The Next Person You Meet in Heaven is a fitting sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It explores the same concept: that after you die you meet people who help you make sense of your life but they are not necessarily the people you'd expect them to be. In the first book, it's Eddie, the fairground maintenance man, who dies saving a child in an accident. In the second, it's Annie, the child that he saved. It is written with a delicate touch and an understanding of how life can sometimes only best be understood, looking back. When you are in the thick of difficult times, it can all seem random and senseless, b…

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